The Cost of Botox in NYC

Botox is one of the most innovative beauty products in the world. It provides a straight-forward solution to wrinkles and, in most major cities, is offered by a handful of experienced injectors. But the cost of Botox is often a mystery to those who are beginning to explore treatment options.

As one of the largest providers of Botox in New York City and with more than 15 years of experience, we’d like to give you a quick guide to understanding the cost of Botox in NYC.

Is Botox priced by the ounce?

No, Botox Cosmetic is priced, and sold, in units. The average cost of Botox in NYC ranges from $10 to $20 per unit, or $250 – $500 per treatment area. The exact cost will depend on how many units are needed to treat the desired area.

The amount of Botox you’ll need should be determined by your provider. Their decision of how many units of Botox to use depends on your desired results. Once this decision is made, you should receive a quote for your treatment.

How much does botox cost?

How Do Botox Prices Differ Between Providers in NYC?

Many Botox treatments are priced based on the number of units needed to achieve one’s desired results. At the same time, some providers add an additional base, or service, charge before the Botox is injected. These base fees typically range between $50 – $75 per treatment.

Some New York City Botox providers price by the treatment area. In this pricing structure, providers will often charge less as you do more work. For example, a provider may charge $500 for the first area, $400 for the second, and $300 for the third. Since the real value is in what you are being charged per unit, calculate that by taking the overall cost and divide it by the number of units received.

Why is Botox discounted and should I select this option?

Many providers offer a ‘new client’ special on Botox treatments as a way to introduce Botox to new patients. Some professionals may charge less for treatments, however, this usually depends on the experience and skill-level of the provider.

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