NeckRise – The Non-Surgical Necklift

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What is NeckRise?

What areas does NeckRise treat?

How is NeckRise performed?

How much does NeckRise cost?

How long do the results last?

What is NeckRise?

NeckRise is a non-surgical procedure that treats sagging neck skin, loss of jaw line, and excess skin under the chin. NeckRise is popular with patients who want to treat the loose skin of the neck and underneath the chin without the cutting and sewing involved with surgery. NeckRise uses a special combination of cosmetic fillers to add back support to the lower face and the jaw line areas, resulting in a more contoured neck and jawline area.

What areas does NeckRise treat?

Neckrise is used to treat the neck, jawline, and area underneath the chin.

How is NeckRise performed?

NeckRise is a specific procedure performed by injecting cosmetic fillers. The procedure is generally done through the use of an instrument known as a cannula. NeckRise recreates the lift and contour of a youthful neck by injecting filler in precise locations along the entire jaw line, beginning at the posterior area (underneath the ear,) and moving forward all the way to the area underneath the chin. By treating the entire length of the jaw line, all of the vectors of the jaw area are treated. By resupporting all of the skin along the jawline we are able to tighten and lift the surrounding areas, ultimately giving rise to the neck area.

How much does NeckRise cost?

The cost of NeckRise is based on the individual needs and desired effects and starts at $1999. NeckRise treatments may be priced higher based on clinical needs.

How long do results from NeckRise last?

NeckRise may have lasting effects for a year or more. Patients see the greatest results from yearly maintenance visits.

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