What Is Sculptra®?

Sculptra is a cosmetic filler that stimulates the production of collagen, a natural protein in our bodies that provides support for our skin. Sculptra is made from a substance called Poly-L-Lactic acid (PLLA). By stimulating collagen production, Sculptra helps to restore volume and support under the skin in areas of the face that have lost collagen and/or fat. Essentially, Sculptra helps your body to reproduce the collagen that was once there, which in turn corrects the lost support structure underneath the skin.

What Is Sculptra® Used For?

Used For? Sculptra is commonly used to treat the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Sculptra may also be effective in treating other areas of the face that are particularly affected by the loss of collagen , muscle and/or fat.

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VERVE Medical Cosmetics is solely focused on the natural results of non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures and a much sought after alternative to plastic surgery , oculoplastic surgery and blepharoplasty in NYC, NJ, Westchester and Long Island.

How Long Does Sculptra® Last?

Sculptra may last up to a few years, however, these results may vary and can be affected by variables such as the amount of Sculptra injected as well as the area of treatment. These variables depend on the particular needs of each patient.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Choosing Sculptra® Over Other Fillers?

Sculptra generally provides long-lasting results and may be useful in areas of the face that have lost volume due to a loss of volume . Many patients choose Sculptra because it acts mainly by stimulating the production of collagen from within the human body. Alternately, most fillers work by adding back mechanical space in order to replace volume. Therefore, Sculptra possesses the unique property that it is mainly a stimulator of the body’s own collagen production .

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