Take Action: Establishing Healthy Habits

Many of us make a commitment to ourselves to lead a healthier life but in spite of our promise very little changes. This is because it takes more than a promise to make lifestyle changes; establishing healthy habits as part of everyday life takes focus, commitment and a clear plan of action.

My current lifestyle includes a plant-based diet with fish for protein. The focus of my exercise plan is strength and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). I make sure to get plenty of sleep, waking naturally and drinking plenty of water each day. Alcohol is a treat and not a habit.

To make these lifestyle changes a reality, I didn’t do it all at once. Instead, I created an action plan that consisted of one healthy change per week.

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I started my plan with a commitment to walk at least 4 times per week and build from there. Next, I focused on healthy eating, beginning with cutting processed food out of each meal and replacing them with fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Change can be hard, so to stay on track. I suggest keeping track of your progress with a journal, celebrating your successes and noting where you still need work. Most importantly, reward yourself for making progress, buy those jeans you never thought you could wear or take a refreshing cat nap on a Sunday afternoon. You owe it to yourself to feel great about yourself and make your commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle a reality. I am intrigued by how people’s lifestyle can affect the aging process, both physically, mentally and of course, aesthetically. The best part – get started today, and you will age more youthfully.