Many of our clients subscribe to a common misconception; the area where a facial crease or
fold appears is the same area where the corresponding loss of support is. In truth, the
appearance of these deep wrinkle folds or sagging skin is a result of the areas SURROUNDING
these conditions losing volume. The basic concept is that the foundation loss in the MIDDLE
and UPPER part to the face leads to skin folds in the LOWER areas of the face. This is a very
important fact of nature that everyone concerned about facial aging and wrinkles should know especially if they are considering a cosmetic treatment to repair these conditions.


The majority of our facial architecture is composed of the supportive structures below the skin – fat, muscle and bone. As we age and these supportive structures (the foundation) naturally deplete, our face changes shape. As a result, overtime our skin begins to sag and fold, in areas
that are different than the actual fold.


Naturally, when this happens, we only pay attention to the areas where the sagging is visible and understandably seek to have that single area corrected through treatment. However, at Verve, we take the ENTIRE facial architecture into perspective and support ALL the most
important SURROUNDING areas with supportive fillers to ultimately restore the shape of the face to yield the best results.


Because every person’s facial structure is different, sagging and folding occurs in unique ways; thus treatment cannot be effective unless a patient’s WHOLE face is evaluated and considered at all times. The most effective method to treat facial folds and creases is with cosmetic fillers to re-support areas. At Verve Medical Cosmetics we use fillers: Juvederm, Radiesse, and
Restylane to restore the foundation of the face and create a naturally youthful appearance. To
help you fully understand treatment for sagging skin, stay tuned for my next blog post where I discuss the TREATMENT options for three most common sagging skin conditions.