Why Hollowed Temples Make You Look Older: The Facts About Treating This Overlooked and Important Area with Injectable Fillers

I’ve had my eye bags, nasolabial folds and cheeks treated with dermal fillers but my face still looks tired. Why?

- why hollowed temples make you look older: the facts about treating this overlooked and important area with injectable fillers - verve cosmetics nyc

One reason that for continuing to appear tired is that your temples may not have been addressed in any of your treatments.

The temple area, defined by the depth between the bone and the skin, is among the thickest areas of tissue on the face. As we age, the connective tissue and fat in this area atrophies, resulting in a hollowed, tired appearance. People who have had facial surgery or are very thin are at particularly high risk of having hollowed temples.

Unfortunately, many aesthetic medical specialists do not include the temples as part of their treatment plan, focusing instead on specific areas that patients complain about.

When you treat only these isolated areas, not only are the temples neglected but their hollowness also becomes more noticeable. Addressing the temples should always be part of an effective treatment plan and requires the specialist to design their treatment around the entire face.

Dermal fillers are one of the most effective methods for restoring the natural appearance of the temples because they rebuild the support system underneath the skin. With little movement in this area, there is less physical stress on the filler and the result of the treatment tends to last longer. Effective treatments can last from a year to several years, depending on the product used.

The key to getting good results with cosmetic fillers in this area is making sure that there is a seamless transition from the cheekbone to the temples and up to the forehead.

Treating one area of the face and leaving the other areas hollow and unsupported causes people to look unnatural, or like they’ve ‘have had work done.’ As with all cosmetic injections, the secret to effective treatment is not only filling the targeted area but making sure the treatment allows for aesthetic matching of the surrounding areas.