Injectable Fillers Provide A Refreshing Solution for that Tired-Look

Injectable Fillers Provide A Refreshing Solution for that Tired-Look

I am often asked, Dr. Bracci, I don’t feel as tired as I look and I would like a little refresher, what can I do? I am seeking an option that does not involve surgery, or a long period of downtime recovery, or a long series of treatments with little results. I would like to look my age, refreshed but not different.

What many don’t know is treatments with a combination of cosmetic injectables such as Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane, Versa, and neuromodulators such as Botox and Xeomin starting as early as your mid 30’s or 40’s can assist in maintaining your natural appearance long-term. How do I know this? Over the past 20 years I have dedicated my practice to aesthetic medicine, meeting with and treating thousands of men and women who have achieved amazing results by following a schedule of treatments personalized just for them. My case studies include a broad range of demographic subsets and real-life face-to-face conversations and treatments.

Here are my recommendations on how to make fillers work for you:

First and foremost, select a provider with experience and an extensive portfolio of outstanding before and after results. It’s always best to select a full-time dedicated injectable expert – injectable arts is a specialty on its own. Seek out a medical professional who is an experienced injector in the use of a variety of filler products and is also an artist. If possible, find a provider experienced in the use of the cannula device for injecting. Referrals and reviews are a great way to find a provider.

Stick with the same injector once you find one and find one that is solely dedicated to injectables and does this all day. Results, consistency, and experience are more important than price. In my office, the price of a procedure has much more to do with knowing how to use enough products in the most natural way, so people get exceptional results, than the cost of the filler. This is your face. Most centers sell fillers based upon the ingredients, my pricing rationale is to set a price for an area where I can provide sensational results. Constantly changing your injector may cause a risk of over-filling one area and under treating another. Fillers are medicine–you will have a medical chart–this is not a spa treatment.

Engage in a series of lifestyle commitments that will help keep your skin looking great and your entire body feeling great. As much as cosmetic injectables can make you look younger or the best version of yourself, they are not solely a magic solution to everything, and will only work optimally if you are following the simple lifestyle rules. Many factors contribute to your facial aging–weight, bad health habits, stress, and more. Smoking seriously ages the skin and causes many health problems as does alcohol intake. Keeping yourself in check starts with exercise, sleep, and a diet of mostly plant-based foods.

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