Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Fillers?

Want to repair your sagging skin? Having trouble choosing between plastic surgery and cosmetic injectables? Here are 5 quick facts to consider before making your decision.

1. It’s All About The Foundation

The major facial changes we experience with aging are due to the loss of the base foundation under the skin. As a result, the skin folds and wrinkles, leaving us with an aged and hollowed appearance. Simply put, the basic loss of supportive structures under the skin cause the skin to sag.

2. Surgical Results Are Permanent

During surgical interventions, the tissues of the face are cut and stretched to mask the loss of foundation under the skin. Once these tissues on the face are cut and repositioned, the person’s appearance is never the same as the skin is in a new location. Moreover, surgically cut skin commonly does not age well because the cutting involved reduces some of the micro, or small-blood, circulation supplying nutrients to the skin.

3. Cosmetic Fillers Involve No Cutting

Unlike surgery, cosmetic fillers do not involve cutting and recovery time is typically minimal. During an injectable procedure, fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane, Belotero or Juvederm are injected under the skin to re-support the lost base of the face, without repositioning tissue or making permanent changes to the facial appearance. The goal should always be to restore the skin back to its original position without repositioning any skin, as with surgery.

4. Fillers Don’t Affect The Skin’s Aging Process

Dr. Stephen Bracci’s EyeRise and Baselift procedures are based on the underlying principle of re-supporting the lost facial foundation around the eyes and face with cosmetic fillers. The goal of these procedures is restoration of the skin’s natural position, leaving the patient with a more refreshed and rested appearance. The end result, the patient looks like themselves, in a more rested, refreshed and younger way. Cosmetic fillers do not affect the way skin ages; since there is no cutting involved there is no change to the blood circulation or supply of nutrients to the skin.

5. Filler Results Can Be Maintained For A Lifetime

The results of the non-surgical Baselift and EyeRise procedures can be maintained over a lifetime. Unlike surgery, the results of each treatment are not permanent but can be maintained, typically with yearly visits. Our face and skin foundation changes as we mature, so it makes sense to have results that are adjustable, not permanent.