Marionette Lines Explained

Marionette lines, despite the playful name, can make us look years beyond our real age. For those not in the know, (because you are most likely too young) marionette lines are the vertical creases that run downward from the corners of the mouth.

As the lines get deeper they begin to carve a permanent disappointed “look” on one’s face.   The culprit for this condition is facial structure and age. As adults grow older, the fatty tissues that give us that youthful apple cheeked look deflate.

The result is skin that starts to look loose and pulled down. Despite what you may see advertised, there are no magical creams or facial exercises that can reverse the condition. However, non-surgical cosmetic fillers administered by an experienced physician especially when started early in the aging process is the most effective way to turn that frown upside.

Non-surgical cosmetic filler treatments take 10 minutes, are safe and long-lasting. The best part is no one will ever no you had them—you will look great, not fake.

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