A nose job no longer needs to mean surgery; now there is a non-surgical option, Non-surgical Nose Contouring. With a Filler Nose Contouring procedure in one lunchtime office visit, you can give your nose the shape you want.

Instead of cutting, cosmetic fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm are injected into the nose to give it a straighter, sculpted, and more refined shape. If you fear surgery and do not want to make permanent changes to your nose, the non-surgical nose filler option may be the way to go. At Verve, we want to help you make an educated decision on whether this procedure is right for you, so, we are answering some basic questions about the procedure.

Am I a candidate for non-surgical nose contouring?

The best candidates for this procedure are:

  • People with a dorsal hump, a bump on the bridge of their nose. Applying fillers to the area below and above this bump can be filled in to make the nose appear straighter.
  • Patients with curvature on the sides of their nose. Applying fillers to the opposite side of the bend can improve symmetry and make the nose appear straighter and smaller.
  • Patients needing adjustments from a previous surgical nose job.

Can non-surgical nose contouring make my nose appear smaller?

Yes, however, the reason why cosmetic fillers can make the nose appear smaller is by changing the shape of the nose. By adding fillers to make the nose straighter and providing more definition on the bridge of the nose, the nose, in turn, appears smaller. The key advantage of cosmetic fillers is their ability to soften small bumps and bends in the nose. This improves the aesthetics of the nose giving it a more refined, natural shape and in turn minimizing its appearance.

What is the limitation of non-surgical nose contouring?

Nose contouring is considered non-permanent, however, the advantage is it can be adjusted in future years. If your goal is to permanently alter the size of your nose by making it smaller or decreasing the size of the nostril, surgery would be a stronger option for you.

Can Nose Contouring Adjust a Surgical Nose Job?

Yes, one of the most common reasons people seek nose filler contouring is to adjust the nose after a surgical nose job. If the surgical procedure results in side to side unevenness, a bump, or a dip in the nose then adjustments with fillers may be a preferred option to repeating nose surgery.

How should select a center for nose contouring

As with any non-surgical aesthetic procedure, for the best results, you should seek a cosmetic medical specialist who devotes their entire practice to non-surgical injectables. A physician who performs only cosmetic injectables (Botox and fillers) will have the experience and perceptual skills to deliver the best results.

We know that this cannot possibly answer all the questions you have about this procedure. Get the answers to your specific questions about nose fillers and nose bridge fillers during a free consultation with Dr. Stephen Bracci, Verve’s Chief Medical Officer in our New York City or Paramus, New Jersey studios. Schedule your visit online or by phone today.