The Top Ten List: When Should You Consider A Cosmetic Injectible?

- the top ten list: when should you consider a cosmetic injectible? - verve cosmetics nyc

1) Are people starting to ask if you get enough sleep?

2) Do friends and family constantly say, “you look tired”?

3) Are you perceived as looking angry when you are not?

4) Do people ask if you are okay because they think you look stressed when you feel relaxed?

5) Are your eyes starting to look “sunken”?

6) Are the lines that start at the outer corners of the nose and meet down towards the chin noticeable deeper?

7) Are your little smile related eye crinkles actually becoming crows feet?

8) Are your lips looking deflated?

9) Does lipstick bleed into those tiny vertical lines above your lip when you apply it?

10) Is your complexion looking dull instead of luminous?

If you said yes to any of the above schedule an appointment so we can address your concerns and discuss how we can make you look GREAT not fake. Consultations are free!