The Real Skinny on Chin Fat

Chin up! You are not alone in your quest to get rid of sagging skin under your chin — what some of us still refer to as turkey neck. So let us sieve through the gossip and get right down to the science with a real quick question and answer guide to demystify this common yet challenging facial dilemma.

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If I lose weight, will all my my under chin fat melt away?

Many skinny people still have noticeable under chin fullness. This is because people store fat differently and in different parts of the body. For example, two people can be the same body weight and height, but have two different levels of under-chin fullness, similar to breast or buttocks size.

Will specific neck exercises reduce under chin fat?

Exercise will certainly help to maintain your overall body weight but will do little to specifically remove fat on one target area.

Is the appearance of under-chin fullness solely related to fat?

No. In addition to fat, the fullness we see under our chin is also related to our bony anatomy – some people naturally have a lower or higher positioned hyoid bone in the neck. This difference in position of the hyoid bone affects the shape of the neck and, ultimately, how sharp the angle is from the chin down to the neck. A higher hyoid bone position makes for more of a sharp angle to the neck and thus a less full appearance.

Is there a treatment to reduce chin fat?

Yes, the newly FDA approved and recent Allure Magazine beauty award winner Kybella injectable treatment is now available to permanently diminish under chin fat and reduce fullness in this area. Treatments are performed with a medical liquid injection technique over a series of sessions and is intended to reduce the fat under the chin area. Click here to learn more about Kybella.

Kybella Before and After Photos


*Note: Images provided by Kythera. Not a patient of Dr. Stephen Bracci.

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