Under Eye Bag Treatments: 5 Facts You Need To Know

- under eye bag treatments: 5 facts you need to know - verve cosmetics nyc

Before you start spending money on over-the-counter under eye bag treatments, concealers and tea bags, it is important to understand the cause of under eye bags and the medical treatments options available.

1. What Really Causes Under Eye Bags?

The main reason we develop under eye bags is a loss of supportive foundational structures below our skin including muscle, bone, and fat. The loss of support and foundation causes our skin to fold and crease differently leading to eye bags.

2. What Are The Key Medical Treatments for Treating Under Eye Bags?

The two main medical treatment options for under eye bags are a plastic surgical procedure called lower Blepharoplasty or non- surgical cosmetic filler injections. Dr. Stephen Bracci’s trademark procedure EyeRise is one such non-surgical cosmetic filler treatment.

- under eye bag treatments: 5 facts you need to know - verve cosmetics nyc

3. How Does Surgery For Under Eye Bags Work?

During a Blepharoplasty procedure, the skin and tissue near the eye bags is cut, removed and/or repositioned. The goal of cutting and repositioning these tissues, is to modify the appearance of the creases and the bags under the eyes. The advantage of Blepharoplasty surgery is a more long term modification of the eye bags. However, the trade-off is the permanent change itself, due to the fact that the skin is cut and tissues are moved. Moreover additional surgeries may be needed in the future because you will continue to lose support below the skin as you age. Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon specializing in the procedure with an extensive portfolio is a good way to ensure the best outcome.

4. How Do Non Surgical Injection Procedures Work?

The goal of cosmetic filler procedures is to modify the appearance of creases and folds without cutting the skin, but rather to move the skin back to its original position. During the procedure, cosmetic fillers such as Belotero, Restylane and Radiesse are injected below the skin to fill in and add back lost support . These injections in turn lift the skin from underneath and move it towards its “original” position, not a “new” position. The main reason people choose cosmetic fillers over surgery is they prefer a more natural-look result and do not want cutting or surgical downtime. People choosing under-eye fillers should understand that future yearly visits are recommended to keep the under-eye appearing constantly refreshed. The reason people choose this ongoing approach is that they wish to avoid surgery and they like the flexibility of adjusting the results each year as you continually age. The physician you choose to work with should have extensive experience in both treating the under-eye area as well as proficiency in using a specialized injection instrument called a cannula. An experienced injector will use a combination of fillers and properly treat the entire under-eye area comprehensively. Costs for a comprehensive treatment are based upon both a more extensive treatment and better cosmetic outcomes.

5. Will Under Eye Treatments Stop The Aging Process?

No, neither surgical nor the non-surgical cosmetic filler injections procedures will completely stop the “regular aging process” You will continue to lose the supportive structures under your skin as you age. However Cosmetic fillers may aid in making the actual skin appear better since they aid in collagen stimulation.

Cosmetic filler injections procedures such as the EyeRise, exclusively available at Verve Medical Cosmetics in New York and New Jersey, are intended to aid in collagen stimulation to help the skin’s appearance as we age. In addition Eyerise is intended to adjust for ongoing age-related changes on a consistent basis and maintain results. As you age, EyeRise improvements are maintained and adjusted to meet your changing needs as you age, and to keep a rejuvenated and refreshed natural appearance.