Verve Celebrates 20 Years of Aesthetic Medicine!

NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — For 20 years, VERVE Medical Cosmetics, New York’s premier non-surgical aesthetic and anti-aging treatment studio has been helping clients manage the aging process. On the occasion of his 20th Anniversary, Dr. Stephen Bracci, Founder and Medical Director of Verve Medical Cosmetics talks about how perceptions of beauty have changed.

Verve Medical’s BaseLift non-surgical facial restoration treatment uses cosmetic fillers to re-support the architecture of the face and restore a more youthful, rested appearance without producing the traditional ‘plastic’ look. “Twenty years ago, when we opened our doors, the concept of beauty was owned by the young,” said Dr. Bracci. “Those seeking to hold back the effects of time had one option – plastic surgery. It was drastic, obvious and didn’t remedy the main reason faces appear older – the loss of support under the skin. The skin was cut away and stretched to a new position. People had less sagging skin, but also looked dramatically different.”

From the onset, Dr. Bracci took a different approach and focused on the underlying structure of the face. His revolutionary BaseLift™ and EYERISE™ non-surgical facial restoration treatments used cosmetic fillers to re-support the architecture of the face and restore a more youthful, rested appearance without producing the traditional ‘plastic’ look.

It’s an approach that is in keeping with today’s trends. “Beauty has gone beyond superficial adornments such as makeup, hairstyles and jewelry, to a more simplistic approach,” said Dr. Bracci. “Beauty today is successful aging – looking well rested, fit and natural. You don’t have to look any further than celebrities from Beyonce to Jennifer Lopez to Tyra Banks who embrace their bare face to see how far we have come. In fact, the hashtag #NoMakeUp has more than 18 million posts on Instagram at last glance.”

While Dr. Bracci believes that cosmetic injectables will continue to be a large part of aging well, he counsels that lifestyle has never been more important. “Beauty in 2020 is not what we wear; it’s about what we do. Choices such as nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, sleep and minimizing toxins, such as tobacco and alcohol are all integral to aging well,” he said. “If we live well and treat our bodies well, then we can age successfully. Beautiful aging is now an option. Rusting is not.”

According to Dr. Bracci, the three things that people can do to hold onto a lifetime of beauty are:

Nutrition – eat more plant-based foods and minimize processed carbohydrates, sugars, meats, tobacco, drugs and alcohol.
Regular exercise – including full body strength, and intense cardiovascular engagement.
Rest and Relax – get enough sleep and embrace a mindful and spiritual approach to reduce stress.
And, when all else fails, talk with your Doctor. “Don’t be afraid to consider injectables to prevent wrinkle damage or maintain the shape of your face,” said Dr. Bracci. “Your mother was right. Beauty does begin on the inside.”

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