Working From Home: The Ultimate Break-Up From Makeup

One of the benefits of working from home these days is that we don’t need to wear makeup. The short term benefits of makeup, concealing the flaws in our skin, is what makes makeup appealing. However, wearing liquid and powder makeup on a regular basis worsens those flaws in the long run.

Is makeup healthy for the skin?

Think about it logically, can anything that clogs and fills our pores on the outside really be that healthy for our skin on the inside? Some make-up brands are made from chemicals and materials known to cause dryness and loss of natural oils. These side effects can accelerate aging and prompt women to buy and use even more makeup. The need for makeup is cyclical, the more you wear and damage your skin, the more you need. We understand the new organic, cruelty-free, chemically-free selections of make-up may be a healthier solution, but in the long run, we are still filling our pores with particles that, by nature, probably don’t really belong on the surface of our skin.

What are the negative effects of makeup accumulation on the skin?

Simply put the skin never gets a holiday. People who wear makeup on a regular basis typically have it on even after using makeup remover. As a result, pores remain clogged and the skin never gets a holiday. This damages the skin in the long run and accelerates the aging process.

What is the best advice on makeup usage from an aesthetic physician?

I advise you to wear makeup sparingly, saving it mostly for special occasions. I further advise you to thoroughly remove makeup as soon as you get home. A popular and effective method for removing eye and face makeup is baby shampoo. Apply a small amount of baby shampoo and lukewarm water to a cotton ball. Use the cotton ball to remove the makeup and rinse your face with a dampened washcloth. Makeup is like drinking alcohol – both damage our skin, and both are best done in limited amounts, mainly on special occasions.

If you’re working from home, take this time to give your skin a holiday from makeup – like every organ in our bodies our skin needs proper rest.

What You Should Know If You Wear Makeup And Currently Receive Cosmetic Injections

Makeup is difficult to remove fully on a daily basis. As a result, patients who wear makeup regularly arrive at the injectors office with accumulated makeup particles on the skin. The biggest challenge for cosmetic injectors is thoroughly removing makeup particles before we begin treatments. Full removal of makeup before an injection is critical; if the skin is not fully cleaned, makeup particles can be injected along with cosmetic fillers.