How Cosmetic Injectable Treatments Can Help Prevent and Reduce Wrinkles Caused by Menopause: 5 Quick Tips

Preventing and reducing wrinkles caused by menopause is just one of the many topics near and dear to the hearts of many women. There are many variables women need to consider when dealing with menopause and its symptoms. For more than 20 years, I have been an expert on non-surgical cosmetic injectables treating thousands of women pre and post-menopause. I will offer my expert advice with five tips on how to prevent and reduce the wrinkles caused by perimenopause and menopause.

  1. Facial and eye wrinkles may start before you even reach perimenopause so consider starting neuromodulators such as Botox or Xeomin early. Some start as early as their 20s and 30s. When you start to see forehead, crow’s feet, and 11 line wrinkles, a little Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, Juveau, and Daxxify will go a long way to smoothing the existing wrinkles and preventing future wrinkles.
  2. As you start to see deeper lines such as nasolabial folds, under eye wrinkles, under eye bags, or marionette lines develop, you may want to start or add cosmetic filler injections to your existing beauty regimen. Cosmetic fillers will lift and re-support the lost tissues under the skin. Namely the muscle, bone, and fat that is lost with age that causes the skin to sag. I recommend Radiesse as part of most treatments for these areas because it is a firmer filler that provides not only more natural appearing results but the results also persist for a longer period of time compared to other fillers. Ultimately, these procedures are personalized and your physician injector will provide the best long term plan just for you.
  3. To get the best results find an expert injector that is solely dedicated to injectables with a lot of experience you can work with long-term. Working with a physician who knows your face and tracks the changes and treatments throughout your aging process from your 30s to perimenopause to menopause and beyond, will give you the best, natural looking results. Referrals, experience, and viewing a thorough before and after gallery showing natural results will help you select the right provider.
  4. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical to ensuring the success of your cosmetic injectable treatments. Eat a mostly plant-based diet, exercise, get a consistent and good night’s sleep regularly, don’t smoke, and limit or eliminate your intake of alcoholic beverages.
  5. Hormone Replacement Therapy is one of the most discussed treatments for menopause. Whether it is right for you should be researched with an OBGYN that you trust in providing the most current scientifically-based solution customized just for you. One of the benefits of hormone therapy is it may assist in slowing down the wrinkling process and provide better and longer lasting results with fillers. Estrogen is a critical element to the skin and maintaining estrogen levels can aid a lot in a youthful appearance.

Recently, there has been a significant amount of attention to menopause and related symptoms in the media. Menopause is no longer a taboo subject, and women are encouraged to explore and discuss all of their options. It’s always best to explore these options with a physician that is highly focused on Menopause, and likewise a Physician that is exclusively dedicated to non-surgical cosmetics to explore options for treating the wrinkling of skin caused by the aging process.