The Shining Facts about Dark Circles: 5 Myths Dispelled

There are many myths regarding skincare and dark circles under the eyes that seem to only be perpetuated as time goes on. Here at Verve, we try to give our clients an honest view that cuts through the misinformation to provide only the best and most necessary treatments. To dispel these myths and help you decide what kind of treatment is right for you, here are some actual facts about dark circles under the eyes.

Myth #1: Home remedies and creams can be used to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

Truth: Home remedies and creams may be used to mask the appearance of dark circles, but this only provides a short term cover-up.

Myth #2: Surgery is required to remove the excess skin that forms bags under the eyes.

Truth: Similar to creams, surgery attempts to mask the appearance of eye bags by removing even more tissue and repositioning the skin. The bags under the eyes are, in most cases, due to the loss of tissue below the skin. In many cases, surgery changes a patient’s appearance instead of bringing back their actual appearance. Surgery does not replace the lost tissue but instead stretches the skin over the hollowed tissue beneath the skin.

Myth #3: Lasers are an effective way to remove dark circles under the eyes.

Truth: While lasers can be used to effectively heat treat various skin conditions and remove layers of skin, they do not address the underlying volume loss under the skin that, in most cases, causes the dark circles underneath eyes.

Myth #4: Getting a good amount of sleep will cure most cases of dark circles.

Truth: Similar to creams and surgery, sleep by itself will not reproduce the lost support below the skin. Even though sleep is proven to be an important part of a healthy lifestyle and can ultimately slow the cosmetic effects of aging, all the sleep in the world will not replace the missing tissues under the skin that have been lost in most cases.

Myth #5: Removing excessive salt in my diet will cure dark circles.

Truth: A salty diet will contribute to fluid retention and may enhance the appearance of circles under the eyes, but will not treat the main cause of the appearance under eyes, which is related to foundation loss below the skin.


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