Results for a non-surgical BASELIFT™ may last for up to 12 to 24 months and in some cases longer. Dr. Stephen Bracci, creator of the procedure recommends patients return for yearly maintenance visits; however many patients wait longer than that in between treatments. Because the facelift treatment includes the use of firm cosmetic fillers such as Radiesse and Sculptra, the collagen-building benefit of these fillers may also improve the longevity of BASELIFT™ results over time.

What is a BASELIFT™?

The BASELIFT™ is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure developed by Stephen Bracci MD to treat the full face with the goal of returning the skin to its original position. Everyone is different therefore the procedure is carefully tailored for each individual. Cosmetic fillers are injected into the entire mid and lower areas of the face to restore its natural shape. The premise of BASELIFT™ is that there is never a one-size-fits-all filler type or injection process when it comes to a naturally rejuvenated result. Each face must be treated artistically in order to restore that architecture.

Why Would Someone Choose a Non-Surgical BASELIFT™ over a Traditional Surgical Facelift?

The main difference between the two procedures is there is no surgical cutting or repositioning of the tissues of the face during the BASELIFT™. Avoiding cutting of the skin means less surgical trauma and less downtime. BASELIFT™ does not reposition the skin tissues or change the architecture but instead uses cosmetic fillers to actually replace the lost volume with the goal of returning it to its original position with a natural refreshed result.

Do I Have to Repeat a BASELIFT ™ Every Year?

No there is no set schedule for how often BASELIFT™ or any non-surgical facial filler treatments are repeated. Facial fillers are a lifestyle choice and the timing of long-term maintenance varies by person. Most people repeat the filler treatments when they see fit, and because they are satisfied with the results of previous treatments.

What Determines the BASELIFT™ Procedure Price?

The pricing rationale is based on providing an aesthetic result that gets significant improvements, makes people happy, and lasts a long time. There are many injectors offering cosmetic filler treatments for the face. What makes BASELIFT™ unique is the visual artistic and technically skilled full-facial technique developed by Master Injector Dr. Stephen Bracci. His before and after results for the BASELIFT™ are renowned for their jaw-dropping natural results. For the past 20 years, he has treated thousands of patients with his signature procedures for under-eye bags and full facial rejuvenation. Non-surgical facelifts are quickly becoming the alternative to facial plastic surgery.

Where Can I Get a BASELIFT™ with Dr. Stephen Bracci?

Dr. Bracci’s VERVE Medical Cosmetics is a private aesthetic medical practice. Dr. Bracci’s studios are located in New York City, New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island, and coming this fall, Miami. Our concierge is available to take your call at 212.888.3003.

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