Why Botox Sometimes Doesn't Work

Botox Not Working for You?

Here are the 3 Most Common Reasons Why

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Botox Cosmetic and Xeomin are effective and popular treatments to counteract the signs of aging. However, some patients are disappointed in the results of their treatment when they find Botox did not smooth all the wrinkles they thought it would and did not restore their natural appearance. Why? The three most common reasons Botox does not work are: too few units applied, the dosage was not increased in follow up treatments, and Botox can treat only muscular movement lines not resting lines.

1. Too Few Units Were Applied

The most common cause of ineffective Botox results is that you did not get enough. This is especially true in patients seeking light or baby Botox treatments, where small lighter amounts of Botox are injected to achieve a gentler, more natural looking outcome. The problem is “light Botox is not the right Botox for most.” Instead of a more natural look, the patient ends up with an unfinished look. The most frustrating thing that can happen to a Botox customer is paying for something that did not work at all.

2. Increased Dosage Needs To Be Applied With Repeat Treatments

Botox dosage requirements commonly change over time, with higher dosages required on subsequent treatments to get the same effect. For example, some clients may be satisfied with 10 or 15 units in a particular area the first few times using Botox; but are frustrated when they don’t see the same effects on subsequent treatments at the same dosage. The explanations for this can be both physiological or psychological. Physiologically, over time the body builds a natural resistance to the Botox proteins, and more units of Botox are needed to overcome this resistance. Psychological, over time the patient may simply come to expect and demand better results from previous treatments. Selecting a doctor and, staying with them long-term will help maintain your treatment consistency and progress over the years.

3.Botox Can Only Treat Muscular Movement Lines, Not Resting Lines

Botox is a muscle relaxant and can only prevent movement and relax the muscles that cause the wrinkling of the skin. That is the reason that after a treatment, a patient may still see lines even though the doctor said they obtained a good result. The remaining lines seen are referred to as resting lines, not affected by muscles movements and thus not responsive to Botox. The best treatment for resting lines is cosmetic fillers including Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm, Versa and Belotero to name a few.

Botox is a popular treatment in large part because it has been around for years and we know a lot about how it works and how to personalize it. Wondering what treatment is right for you? Schedule a free consultation for Botox in NYC or Botox in New Jersey at Verve Medical Cosmetics and we will discuss the options for your best treatment plan.

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