Exercises to Help Get Rid of Eye Bags | Reduce Eye Bags, Dark Circles, and Puffy Eyes

Research has suggested that regular exercise might preserve skin youthfulness and reverse the signs of aging in individuals who begin exercising later in life. Typically, as we age, our skin undergoes noticeable changes such as wrinkling and sagging, attributed to the thickening of the epidermis outer layer and the thinning of the dermis beneath. These alterations, distinct from sun damage, were once thought inevitable due to aging.  People over 40 who engage in consistent physical activity have significantly healthier skin, resembling the skin composition of much younger individuals. Further intriguing findings from the research have emerged that when sedentary participants aged 65 or older began a regimented exercise program, leading to improved skin biopsy results, which are more comparable to those of much younger people,  after just three months. This transformation is believed to be linked to increased levels of a substance called IL-15, which stimulates the process of exercising muscles, highlighting exercise’s profound impact on our body’s cellular composition, including skin. It is believed that both cardiovascular and muscle strength exercises contribute to skin health, and ideally the combination of both.

Common Exercises and Their Benefits for Under Eye Area and Under-Eye Bags 

  • Facial Movements: Engaging in facial exercises, massages, and movements around the eyes can stimulate muscular activity and enhance lymphatic drainage, potentially helping to get rid of eye bags – especially ones that are more isometric (holding the movement in place for a period of time) 
  • Yoga: Particularly inversion poses, yoga is believed to boost circulation and blood flow to the facial region, making it an excellent choice for improving lymphatic drainage and helping to reduce eye bags
  • Cardiovascular Exercise: Activities like biking, jogging, and hiking are thought to bolster overall circulation, aiding in the reduction of fluid accumulation under the eyes and lessening puffy eyes 
  • Strength Training: This form of exercise not only supports the immune system and lymphatic drainage but also may benefit facial muscles. It’s linked with the natural release of myokines, communication factors from muscles that could positively impact facial muscle tone
  • Blinking Exercises: Simple blinking routines especially isometric ones, can strengthen eye muscles and promote lymphatic drainage, helping to lessen under-eye bags
  • Hydration and Exercise: Improved fitness through exercise can assist the body in maintaining optimal fluid levels, which is crucial for minimizing under-eye puffiness
  • Facial-Focused Yoga: Targeted facial yoga practices may enhance muscle activity, lymphatic drainage, and overall facial health, contributing to the reduction of under-eye bags. For more information on “Face Yoga”, check out Danielle Collins website for a follow along guide into these routines 
  • Breathing Exercises: Known for lowering stress and inflammation, breathing exercises can indirectly benefit the appearance of under-eye bags by reducing contributory factors

Potential negative effects of repetitive facial movements on Eye Bags 

Facial expressions, especially repetitive ones can however make skin benign and lead to collagen changes leading to wrinkling. 

Facial expressions and facial exercises, inherently linked to our emotions and interactions, have a notable impact on the skin, particularly in the sensitive under-eye region. This interconnection sheds light on how habitual facial movements might play a role in the development of under-eye bags, marrying the concepts of dermatology and the natural aging process.

Will “Face Yoga” Exercises Reduce Under-Eye Bags? 

Every smile, frown, or squint we make engages muscles around our eyes and face, leading to temporary folds in the skin. With age and the constant repetition of these movements, the skin starts to show permanent lines and wrinkles. In the under-eye area, such repetitive motions strain the skin, potentially deepening the creases and making bags more visible.

Elasticity, Aging, and Expressions

A key aspect of youthful skin is its elasticity — the ability to snap back after being stretched or moved. However, as we age, our skin loses this elastic quality, along with a gradual decrease in collagen, making it less able to recover from the stretching caused by expressions. This reduced resilience, especially in the thin under-eye skin, means that the folds and creases formed by daily facial expressions can become permanent. Over time, these changes can accentuate under-eye bags, highlighting the connection between our expressions and the aging appearance of our skin.

Global Benefits of Exercise

  1. Global Bone Health Regular weight-bearing and strength-training exercises significantly boost bone density, encouraging new bone formation and reducing osteoporosis risks across the skeletal system, including facial bones
  2. Stress Reduction Physical activity elevates endorphin levels, the body’s natural stress relievers, improving emotional and mental well-being
  3. Hormonal Balance Exercise helps regulate crucial hormones, including cortisol, supporting a balance vital for overall bone health
  4. Circulatory and Vascular Benefits Enhanced blood flow from regular exercise delivers essential nutrients more efficiently throughout the body, including the skin, potentially supporting facial bone health
  5. Immunologic Function A consistent exercise routine strengthens the immune system, reducing susceptibility to infections and inflammation that affect overall health, including the skin and bones
  6. Inflammation Reduction The anti-inflammatory effects of exercise play a critical role in combating chronic inflammation, linked to various health issues, including bone and skin health deterioration
  7. Nutritional Synergy Active lifestyles improve nutrient metabolism and dietary choices, optimizing the body’s ability to utilize crucial nutrients for bone and skin health
  8. Improved Sleep Exercise contributes to better sleep quality, crucial for the body’s repair processes and maintaining hormonal balance and stress reduction
  9. Bodyweight Maintenance Managing body weight through exercise mitigates the risk of conditions affecting bone density, skin health, and overall fitness
  10.  Psychological Uplifts Beyond physical health, the psychological benefits of exercise enhance overall well-being, mitigating the effects of aging

Integrating regular full body physical activity ( strength  + cardiovascular ) into daily life not only strengthens the body but also bolsters mental health, immune function, and vitality, underlining its essential role in health maintenance and aging mitigation

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